LASER ON TOUR is a life-changing business for you and everyone you treat.

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A Mobile Laser Hair Removal Franchise producing a six-figure income with no overheads

The LOT franchise from has created the perfect solution for mobile laser hair removal. We have teamed up with Milesman, a Spanish manufacturer utilising European high-quality technology, to deliver a Laser machine that safely offers treatments to all skin types in a machine that only weighs 9kg. 

Our system allows mobile practitioners to offer laser hair removal with professional mobile laser hair removal training, support, insurance, legal documentation, and marketing. Our proven solution is delivering amazing results for clients in their own homes and is changing the lives of mobile laser professionals across the UK by increasing their incomes to over £100,000 per annum. 

Imagine what you could have if you increase your earnings to over £100,000 per year without the cost of owning a salon.

There is nothing more beautiful than feeling confident. Having silky smooth hairless skin empowers your clients and in return, your clients will reward you with a life you only dreamed of.