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A mobile laser hair removal opportunity


Laser practitioners until now could not offer Laser hair removal at home simply because the equipment was too heavy, they couldn't get insured and their was no training for treating clients in their own homes. The only option was to open a salon which could cost upwards of £200,000 per year to run. 

There are over 100,000 mobile beauticians and aesthetic practitioners across the UK offering painful waxing and plucking services with an average order value for a small area of £50 per visit. If a person waxes every 4 weeks this can equate to £600 per year. Over a lifetime they could spend as much as £18,000 on what is a painful, ineffective treatment that is ultimately damaging the skin.


The solution is a Laser On Tour mobile Laser hair removal franchise. We have sourced a powerful compact diode laser that only weighs 9kg yet packs a serious medical-grade punch. We have treated thousands of clients in the comfort of their home and have 5 star reviews on Google. Our franchise includes mobile laser hair removal training, the laser, insurance, marketing, branding, uniform and we send you 10 client enquires per month. Our franchises are targeted to have a NET profit income of £100,000 per year.

Your clients could have silky smooth hairless skin for as little as £1995 for a course of 6 full body treatments. Our clients achieve 90% hair reduction over the whole body permanently and safely. The result is hairless skin and the freedom of going out without ever having to book an appointment, remembering to shave, or have that awfully painful bikini line done again before a holiday. No rashes, no pain, just beautiful hairless skin. For practitioners, they can achieve an income in excess of  £100,000 per year with very low overheads working only 4 hrs per day.

Have you got it what it takes to be a Godess of Laser and deliver empowerment, self-love and confidence?

This is what our founder Neda is achieving in her local town of Hertford.


Full body treatment
2 per day
10 per week
48 weeks per year