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How much does it cost to set up a Laser On Tour franchise?

The average small shop space in a local town can work out at £500 per sq meter per year. So a small 50sq meter premises could cost £25,000 per year. With rates and utilities at another £15,000 per annum. Not forgetting set up costs, equipment, furniture, marketing and training. No matter what business plan I look at, a shop costs a minimum of £5000 per month and has a set-up cost of at least £25,000 and you also have the risk of signing a long term lease. 

This is why when we wanted to set up our own Laser Studio. We felt setting up the first mobile laser hair removal service in the UK was the answer, hence Laser on Tour.

Instead of spending £5000 per month on a premises Laser on Tour can provide you a ready made business for a franchise fee of £15,000, support and maintenance of £500 per month and 1.35p per laser shot.

You can spend the rest of your money on marketing and building a formidable business in your franchise area.

How much does it cost?


Franchise fee
Laser shots
Support and maintenance

1.35 pence
£500 per month

Finance available

Example Franchise Business (working only 4 hrs per day)

100,000 laser shots should treat 10 full body treatments and 5 small areas. Fully body treatments is £350 and small areas are £150.
This would generate £4250 for 30hrs work = £141 per hr.

Weekly Revenue

Weekly Cost
£1350 for 100,000 laser shots

Weekly Profit

*Based on 30hrs work a week

Annual revenue

Annual profit

*Based on 30hrs per week and 40 weeks per year

What do you get from the LOT franchise?