Empowering Entrepreneurs: Neda Namin and Sacha Bright's Journey to Mobile Laser Hair Removal Success and the Creation of the LOT Franchise


In the realm of entrepreneurship, there are stories that inspire and ignite a spirit of innovation. Neda Namin, the founder of Laser On Tour (LOT), and Sacha Bright, her boyfriend, mentor, coach, author, and founder of multiple disruptive start-ups, have created a remarkable partnership that has transformed the laser hair removal industry. With Neda's passion for success and Sacha's wealth of experience, and expertise, they shattered the misconception that mobile laser services were impossible due to heavy and less powerful devices. By finding a European manufacturer who produced a lightweight yet powerful diode laser, Neda launched Laser On Tour, the first mobile laser hair removal business in the UK and within 6 months, exceeded a personal income of over £100k. Their success has now led them to create the LOT franchise, so that other ambitious individuals can emulate Neda's remarkable achievements. Let's delve into their incredible journey of empowering entrepreneurs and revolutionising the industry.

Empowering Entrepreneurs: Neda Namin and Sacha Bright's Journey to Mobile Laser Hair Removal Success and the Creation of the LOT Franchise

A Vision Reimagined:

When Neda expressed her desire to establish her own laser clinic, Sacha Bright, her boyfriend, recognized the limitations she faced with traditional brick-and-mortar establishments. Neda's passion for success and Sacha's love for her fueled their determination to find a way to make her dream a reality. They knew that going mobile was the key, but the existing laser devices presented a challenge due to their weight and lack of power. Undeterred by this obstacle, Sacha saw an opportunity to innovate and disrupt the industry.

Finding the Solution:

Driven by their shared vision, Sacha embarked on a mission to find a European manufacturer capable of producing a lightweight and powerful diode laser. Together, they conducted thorough research and negotiations, leading them to discover a groundbreaking solution. The newly found technology revolutionised the industry, making it possible to provide highly effective laser hair removal treatments without the need for a fixed location.

Mobile Safety, Training and Insurance:

Sacha’s experience in business, technology, training and coaching enabled him to recognise the importance of safety in peoples homes. He was rightly concerned about appropriate insurance cover and the safety of Neda and their clients. This sparked him to develop with Neda’s assistance the first mobile laser hair removal training course certified by CPD and recognised by insurers. In addition to this he built a risk assessment procedure and CRM platform allowing for safe operation of laser hair removal and data recording in peoples homes.

The Birth of Laser On Tour:

Born out of love and Sacha’s desire to see Neda successful combined with her unwavering drive and passion, Laser On Tour became a reality. With Sacha's wealth of experience and disruptive skills, they leveraged the lightweight and powerful diode laser technology to create a mobile laser hair removal business that surpassed all expectations. His mentorship and coaching were instrumental in helping Neda navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship, ensuring that Laser On Tour thrived and within 6 months she exceeded an annual income of £100k.

Empowering Entrepreneurs with the LOT Franchise:

Building on the tremendous success of Laser On Tour, Neda and Sacha have now created the LOT franchise, aiming to replicate Neda's achievements for aspiring entrepreneurs. The LOT franchise offers individuals the opportunity to own and operate their own mobile laser hair removal business under the guidance and support of Neda and Sacha. Franchisees benefit from the supply of Mobile Laser device without the need of finance on a profitshare, comprehensive coaching, training, marketing, insurance and ongoing support, allowing them to tap into the expertise and success of Neda and Sacha's pioneering business model.


Neda Namin and Sacha Bright's journey of love, passion, and entrepreneurship has not only revolutionised the laser hair removal industry but also inspired the creation of the LOT franchise. Their mission is to provide financial freedom to their practitioners and make laser hair removal available for everyone everywhere.

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