Empowering Women in Romford: Laser On Tour (LOT) Collaborates with The Collab LDN


In the vibrant town of Romford, a powerful collaboration is underway to empower women and revolutionise the beauty industry. Laser On Tour (LOT) has joined forces with The Collab LDN, a renowned salon owned by Bille and Lauren, to bring a new level of convenience and empowerment to the women of Romford. In this blog, we will explore how LOT's collaboration with The Collab LDN is creating an empowering franchise that supports women entrepreneurs and promotes inclusivity.

Empowering Women in Romford: Laser On Tour (LOT) Collaborates with The Collab LDN
  1. The Collab LDN: A Haven of Beauty and Empowerment

The Collab LDN, owned by Bille and Lauren, has already established itself as a haven of beauty and empowerment in Romford. With a commitment to providing exceptional salon services, they have nurtured a loyal clientele and built a reputation for excellence. Now, their collaboration with LOT adds an exciting new dimension to their offerings, allowing them to extend their reach and empower women in a unique way. Not only by offering Laser Hair removal at home to their clients but by assisting Laser On Tour in their mission to create successful franchises that achieve financial freedom.

  1. The LOT Franchise: A Mobile Extension of Empowerment

Through the LOT franchise, Bille and Lauren are taking their commitment to empowering women to new heights. LOT's mobile laser hair removal service adds a convenient and accessible dimension to The Collab LDN's offerings. Women in Romford can now experience the transformative benefits of laser hair removal in the comfort of their own homes, with the support and expertise of Bille and Lauren.

  1. Supporting Women Entrepreneurs: LOT and The Collab LDN Partnership

The collaboration between LOT and The Collab LDN showcases a remarkable synergy in empowering women entrepreneurs. Bille and Lauren's ownership of The Collab LDN, combined with their role as LOT franchisees, enables them to navigate both the salon and franchise aspects of their business. This dual role positions them as strong advocates for women's empowerment, inspiring others to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and achieve success on their own terms.

  1. Training and Support: Equipping Franchisees for Success

As LOT franchisees, Bille and Lauren benefit from the comprehensive training and support provided by LOT. They undergo extensive training programs that cover laser safety, customer service, marketing, and business management. With this knowledge and support, they can confidently deliver exceptional laser hair removal services to their clients while upholding the highest standards of professionalism and safety.

  1. Embracing Inclusivity: Empowering Women from All Walks of Life

The collaboration between LOT and The Collab LDN is firmly rooted in the values of inclusivity and diversity. Bille and Lauren actively encourage women from all backgrounds and walks of life to embrace their services. By creating an inclusive space where every woman feels valued and respected, they are breaking down barriers and empowering women to embrace their beauty and confidence.


The collaboration between Laser On Tour (LOT) and The Collab LDN in Romford is a remarkable example of women's empowerment and entrepreneurial spirit. Bille and Lauren's ownership of The Collab LDN, combined with their LOT franchise, allows them to offer a unique blend of salon expertise and mobile laser hair removal services. By empowering women through convenient access to laser hair removal, providing comprehensive training and support, and embracing inclusivity, this collaboration is set to redefine beauty standards and inspire women throughout Romford. Together, LOT and The Collab LDN are forging a path towards empowerment and demonstrating the limitless potential of women entrepreneurs.

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